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Remote Wellness – The Only Scalable Option

Table of Contents

Key Takeaways:
  • Remote Wellness is the only continuity plan that can not only help your practice scale by decreasing patient turnover and increasing lifetime value, but can scale with your practice.
  • Every other option either comes up short on potential revenue or meets a scaling problem that requires adding staff to your practice.
  • If you want to scale your practice, offer more value to your patient experience and make more money doing it, Remote Wellness is the only way forward.

Non remote wellness is a bottleneck any way you slice it.

More-so for the solo practice owner, but this really applies to any practice.

There are only a few different ways to conduct wellness in the cash PT practice world:

  • no wellness program
  • referral based wellness
  • in house wellness
  • Remote Wellness

Let’s break this chart down, shall we?

No Wellness

If you have no wellness program, you are really missing out on added revenue/increased lifetime value, added value to your patient, a better customer experience and a way to decrease churn/turnover.

You’re taking that patient that you spent time and resources acquiring, spent time and resources serving, and kicking them out of your business with no good reason.

Referral Based Wellness

The referral based wellness is a similar story to no wellness at all, but now you are trusting the care and return to higher intensity training to someone who doesn’t know the patient like you do.

They weren’t there for the whole trip through your PT machine. While a warm handoff can work, nothing replaces that first person experience of knowing what that patient needs.

In House Wellness

In house wellness is a simple scaling issue, especially if you’re a solo owner. You only have so many slots open on your scheduled for anyone, patient or wellness, and the consequences of filling your schedule with both stink.

You either need to work more hours per day, more days per week, shorten your sessions to fit more in per day, or turn patients away from the front end because you’re full. You could always hire someone else, but that is just kicking the can down the road.

Remote Wellness

Remote Wellness requires little time commitment, no clinic space, no need for either party to travel, and can be scaled at a might more significant level than any other option.

While non Remote Wellness can be a fine option for the short term, I’m sure the goal of your practice isn’t to survive for the short term.

What does your continuity plan look like once things have scaled? Will it scale with you?

If its not remote, probably not.