Seeing patients 1 on 1 was a blessing at first.
Now it's holding you and your practice back.

Clear your busy schedule WHILE increasing revenue working from ANYWHERE

Join the cash physical therapy practice owners taking their time back with the Remote Wellness Fast Track

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Within the first week of working together I converted 6 patients to remote clients with Joe’s help and this has allowed better continuity with their care, home programming and of course progression into real loading and fitness past the typical ‘PT exercises.’ It was nice to make my investment back so quickly too!

It totally changed my business model and completely changed the way I was thinking about services I could offer and how I could affect patient’s lives. Complete game changer!

The Remote Wellness Fast Track immediately gave me the tools to create and be a successful remote wellness coach. Joe consistently helped me create, manage, and achieve my remote management goals. 

I can be at  my home and still be managing my clients. It’s given me my time back with my family which is invaluable. 

Cash physical therapy PRACTICE owners like you taking their time back

It totally changed my business model and completely changed the way I was thinking about services I was going to offer and how I would affect patient’s lives. Complete game changer!

Dr. Annie Ruffus, PT

This [Remote Wellness] improves outcomes. The patients are doing things they need to be doing which improves their outcomes and in turn improves my business.

Dr. Clayton Labus, PT

How the Remote Wellness Fast Track Works

First, decide to take your time back, deliver more value to your patients, and level up your practice’s offerings (and earnings).

1. Set up repeatable systems to reliably move patients all the way from evaluation to remote retention, forever

Systems are the key to creating a reliable pathway for any and every patient who needs wellness in their lives to find their way onto your Forever Program. All the way from initial awareness to retention, we’ve got you covered. 

2. Turn toward your warm audience for your athlete sourcing

Your patients are a perfect fit to become remote athletes. They know, like and trust you, have already paid you and you have built a great rapport with them during your time together. Let’s start with the people that know you best. 

3. Learn to deliver responsive and successful strength and conditioning programs, forever

Learn everything you need to know about strength coaching with our strength course, as well as experiencing your own individualized strength training program and coaching. We can and will answer every question you have.

How does a forever program compare?



Learn how to offer a completely new and amazing service into your cash PT practice to ensure you’re creating sticky patients that never have an excuse to leave. 


Frequently Asked Questions

For cash physical therapy practice owners who want to take their time back, work from anywhere and are tired of spending time and money on patient acquisition, just to lose money, value and customers on the back end of their patient journey.

Yes! 30 continuing education credits. They are approved in the states of Arizona, Texas and Florida, but multiple states will recognize credits approved by these state boards.

You get lifetime access to all of the content as well as any updates that will come in the future.

You will be treated just like one of the paying athletes that Joe makes his living coaching. Weekly updated programming and coaching specific to your activity level and needs, as well as your goals so you can hit PRs all while learning how to help your own clients do the same. Normally over $1000 for three months, but free to clients!