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Across the Research

Issue 10 - August 2023

Research Review Summary

Lower re-rupture rates but higher complication rates following surgical versus conservative treatment of acute achilles tendon ruptures: a systematic review of overlapping meta-analyses

Key takeaways:
  • Surgical treatment has lower re-rupture rates compared to non-surgical treatment.
  • Non-surgical treatment is associated with a lower risk of non-re-rupture complications, such as infections and nerve injuries.
  • “Early” non-surgical management, with early weight-bearing and range of motion, does not increase re-rupture risk compared to “late” non-surgical management.
  • “Early” and “late” non-surgical management show similar results for returning to work and sports.
  • “Early” non-surgical management tends to result in higher patient satisfaction and quality of life than “late” management.
  • The decision between surgical and non-surgical treatment depends on individual factors and patient preferences.
  • There isn’t a clear-cut answer on the best management approach for Achilles tendon ruptures.