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Across the Research

Issue 8 - October 2022

Research Review Summary

Discomfort, pain and stiffness: what do these terms mean to patients? A cross sectional survey with lexical and qualitative analyses

Key takeaways:
  • There are distinct differences between the constructs of pain, discomfort and stiffness
  • There is overlap between these three constructs as well
  • Qualitative studies help us to move the needle forward regarding understanding and communicating with patients


Volume for Muscle Hypertrophy and Health Outcomes: The Most Effective Variable in Resistance Training

Key takeaways:
  • Ten sets per week per muscle group appears to have a more robust effect than less sets
  • There is a dose dependent relationship with strength, hypertrophy, and health outcomes. The ceiling of this dose is variable
  • Many trainers and healthcare professionals are always trying to strive towards a minimum dose, which may actually result in undertraining or suboptimal health, strength, and hypertrophic outcomes