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Across the Research

Issue 4 - May 2022

Research Review Summary

Evidence-based recommendations for resistance and power training to prevent frailty in community-dwellers

Key takeaways:
  • Frailty is affecting nearly 14% of community dwelling older adults every year and is posing a public health problem that can be managed better
  • Frailty is reversible with resistance and power training
  • Applying resistance and power training looks nearly identical to its application across other populations


Heterogeneity in resistance training-induced muscle strength and mass responses in men and women of different ages

Key takeaways:
  • Men and women across all ages demonstrate similar responses to resistance training regarding muscle size and strength
  • There are large group variations between how men and women of the same age group respond to similar resistance training programs
  • Adjusting programs based on response should be done to make the most of the type of responder the athlete is