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Across the Research

Issue 3 - April 2022

Research Review Summary

Randomized trials versus common sense and clinical observation

Key takeaways:
  • Bias can and will get in the way of objectively observing nature as it unfolds around us
  • By performing science in a controlled environment, we have the ability to spot things that could potentially influence or bias the answer we are looking for
  • An incomplete understanding of the physiology of the body lends itself to assuming things that are not true base on leaps in our own fault logic


Effectiveness of physical activity interventions delivered or prompted by health professionals in primary care settings: systematic review and meta analysis of randomized controlled trials

Key takeaways:
  • Physical activity interventions delivered by health professionals in primary care significantly increased MVPA (moderate-vigorous physical activity) versus control groups
  • Interventions with at least five contacts had a larger effect compared with those with less than five contacts
  • Trials that used self report measures showed that intervention participants reported achieving 24min/week more MVPA than controls
  • Eighteen trials reported weight and there was a significant reduction of 1kg favoring the physical activity intervention groups versus control