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Across the Research

Issue 2 - March 2022

Research Review Summary

To what extent are surgery and invasive procedures effective beyond a placebo response? A systematic review with meta-analysis of randomized, sham controlled trials

Key takeaways:
  • Even if physical therapy or rehabilitation doesn’t get the patient where they, or you, had expected it would, doesn’t mean surgery is the next step.
  • If non specific effects make up the majority of the effects of surgical interventions, maybe we need to reflect on how we are communicating and interacting with our patients.
  • We can now conclude that at least chronic pain conditions lack clear evidence for the efficacy of the explored surgical interventions


Surgery for chronic musculoskeletal pain: the question of evidence

Key takeaways:
  • As we get further and further away from an injury or a structural change, things get fuzzier and fuzzier regarding things like “root causes” or “pain generators”
  • None of the studies that used patient blinding for any procedure found the procedure to be significantly better than not performing the procedure.
  • The system we have has its flaws, but it is the best that we have and does a significantly better job than those who claim to be arbiters of the truth without having actually done any of the legwork