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Across the Research

Issue 11 - September 2023

Research Review Summary

Myofascial stiffness of plantar fascia and achilles tendon in individuals with plantar fasciopathy: An observational cross-sectional study

Key takeaways:
  • Symptomatic limbs had decreased stiffness of the achilles tendon and plantar fascia compared to the contralateral, and asymptomatic limb respectively
  • There are some concerns regarding validity for current in vivo measures of tissue stiffness
  • There is still uncertainty as to what role tissue stiffness plays in symptomatic plantar fascia
  • Stretching can still be a useful entry point to loading and can open the door to more active loading plans like plyometrics and foot/ankle strengthening


Free-weight and machine-based training are equally effective on strength and hypertrophy: Challenging a traditional myth

Key takeaways:
  • Both groups demonstrated similar increases in muscle cross sectional area for all of the tested sites
  • Both groups reported less overall limb discomfort after 8 weeks of either free weight or machine training, and to a similar degree.
  • Subjects saw improvements in strength with both modalities regardless of which one they focused on for 8 weeks
  • Greatest strength improvements were seen in the mode of exercise that they spent 8 weeks training for prior to post-intervention testing