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Across the Research

Issue 1 - February 2022

Research Review Summary

Benefits outweigh the risks: a consensus statement on the risks of physical activity for people living with long-term conditions

Key takeaways:
  • We can consider under loading our patients to be harmful, considering the negative side effects of being sedentary
  • For people living with long term conditions, the benefits of physical activity far outweigh the risks
  • Despite the risks being very low, perceived risk is high
  • Person-centered conversations are essential for addressing perceived risk


Musculoskeletal pain and exercise— challenging existing paradigms and introducing new

Key takeaways:
  • Reframing pain during exercise as allowed can help to move patients back toward meaningful activities that they have been avoiding, helping to update their expectations about the movements.
  • We as providers can not only advertise painful exercise as a means of managing symptoms, improving self efficacy, work towards meaningful activities, but also as a method of pushing our patients towards increased physical activity.