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Do you want to stop losing patients and money in your cash practice?

Do you want to make more money, in less time while offering move value to your patients? Of course you do!

We took the time to put together the basic steps to install Remote Wellness Coaching in your practice today!

Across the continuum has easily made small physical therapy clinics thousands of dollars with the simple information contained in this free guide.

It's as simple as shifting messaging, signing up for an easy to use software service and delivering the product, and we lay it all out in this 10 page guide

Download Remote Wellness Step by Step:
For The Cash Clinician

Who is this for?

Cash physical therapy practice owners who are tired of spending time and money in marketing only to be unable to retain patients after they are done with their rehab.

We know how much of your blood sweat and tears you pour into your patients. We feel that the rehab part is only the beginning of the journey and lifetime value of the patient. There is a way to not only continue to serve your loyal patient, but get paid well to do it, all while the patient reaps maximum health benefits.

This is the main thing that Coaches CJ and Joe do day to day, and we wouldn’t recommend you do it if it wasn’t a great avenue to free up time and make money while improving the health of your patients