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Ever tried to talk to someone in a language you don't understand?
It's a nightmare.

Ever tried to make a plan of care for a patient without the right subjective information? Nightmare 2.0. The importance correct information plays when developing a plan of care is huge, but figuring out that information can be tricky.

That's why we developed the Programming Evaluation Form as a way to keep all the necessary information needed to write an intelligent exercise program in one place

We want to give you every single tool we can to get you comfortable and confident in getting your patients more active.

It uses the 3 Step Evaluation Framework we teach in our mentorship

has an encompassing checklist included to make sure you ask every question you would need to optimize the patient's plan of care

Download The Best Programming Evaluation Form

Who is this for?

Physical therapists who help active populations that are involved in or need to be involved in regular exercise. We know how tough it can be when a patient asks you for help on something that you’re unsure of.

Let’s get clarity on something as important as the interview process so that you can feel and come off as confident and gain the trust of the patient asking you for help