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Does your clinic have the right equipment to maximize patient potential?

If not there are only a few things that you need to outfit it, and we have a top to bottom list of things to get!

strength rehab exercises

A huge barrier for clinics successfully getting their patients more active and healthier quicker is a lack of the right equipment.

Without it, you can’t properly evaluate what they are doing, you can’t properly give your patient a plan of care that is appropriate for them, and you can’t confidently convince them that you are a physical therapist that knows anything about strength training

The good news is, we did all the heavy lifting for you. This is your 1 stop shopping list to outfit your clinic with world class level equipment, without the world class equipment price tag.

There is so much gym equipment out there to choose from. Don’t spend hours on end comparing prices that could be better spent elsewhere.

Instantly level up your clinic’s image and prestige by getting some high level gym equipment that not only looks good, but will likely last longer than you and your patients

Download Building Your Gym For Under $2000:
The Clinician's Guide

Who is this for?

Physical therapists who help active populations that are involved in or need to be involved in regular exercise. This is for the physical therapist who is tired of giving a patient a plan of care that involves equipment that you don’t actually have in your clinic.

Who knows if they are doing it the way you pictured. Close that uncertainty gap and make sure they are doing what you know they need