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Stepping into the world of programming is one of the most difficult things a clinician can do

There is a mountain of things to know, and unclear pathways to follow. Let us give you a roadmap so you can cut through the uncertainty.

Not only did we take the time to put together the basic concepts and steps to learning and understanding periodization, but we attached two 8 week beginner strength training programs to it

Helping clinicians learn periodization principles and programming planning is our bread and butter here at Across The Continuum. It's what we do every day!

It's as simple as learning the four components that make up a structured program and practice

Not only do most clinicians only know 1-2 of the variables, but even if they know all 4, it is still very common to have difficulty piecing together an intelligent program.

Lucky for you its all laid out in plain language with examples!

Download The 8 Week Beginner Strength Program

Who is this for?

Physical therapists who help active populations that are involved in or need to be involved in regular exercise. We know how tough it can be when a patient asks you for help on something that you’re unsure of.

Lets get clarity on something as important as the plan of action so that you can feel and come off as confident and gain the trust of the patient asking you for help