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There is a reason the deadlift is known as the king of the lifts.

It’s something that each and every clinician working on a patient’s health should not only know about, but confidently be able to give and teach.

Due to the importance of knowing this movement, we put together an encompassing 10 page guide on the deadlift and everything you need to know about it.

There is a wave of strength training taking over the world right now, and knowing important lifts like the deadlift is absolutely necessary

Unfortunately there is a lot of confusion and misinformation surrounding the deadlift.

We Take The Time To Clear Up The Most Common Questions And Issues That Rear Their Ugly Heads When Learning And Teaching This Lift​

With our clear, concise and easy to remember steps on how to teach the deadlift, you can rest assured that patients will be able to quickly and easily pick this important lift up!

(no pun intended)

Download 7 Step Deadlift: The Clinician's Guide

Who is this for?

Physical therapists who help active populations that are involved in or need to be involved in regular exercise. We know how tough it can be when a patient asks you for help on something that you’re unsure of.

Let’s get clarity on something as important as the deadlift so that you can feel and come off as confident and gain the trust of the patient asking you for help