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Defined End Programs: The Gate Keeper

Table of Contents

Key Takeaways:
  • Selling one off sessions is a surefire way to keep your patients from getting where they need to go and keeping you from retaining them.
  • Closing a treatment package paid in full up front is a great way to find patients self selecting themselves to succeed.
  • Downselling patients into a continuity plan from a higher ticket defined end program is substantially easier than selling them from single session payment into a higher ticket retention plan.

If I’ve said this once, I’ve said it a million times: There is very little needed when starting a Remote Wellness Program. BUT, there is one thing that makes it a whole lot easier. That is a Defined End Program. A defined end program is a chunk of time that you are promising an outcome in. 

“In 12 visits you will be back to you no symptoms”

“In 6 weeks you will feel confident in your strength coaching abilities”

“In 3 months you will feel confident in your ability to utilize a Remote Wellness Program”

You are promising that in a certain amount of time, with a certain end, that the customer will reach their desired end point. The benefits to a defined end program are a couple of things:

1. You can charge a lump sum up front

People pay for an outcome, not a journey. They want to buy the vacation, not the flight. You, the cash PT practice owner, are promising them that in 8/10/12 visits, you will return them to their normal lives. You are asking them to invest in themselves for the outcome that they know you can deliver. 

The great part is that if you CAN close them on this lump sum upfront, then you not only know they are ready to invest in themselves and their health, but they have the financial ability to do so. They are self selecting themselves to be a great customer/patient as well as self selecting themselves for #2, which is…

2. You can downsell them into your continuity plan (eg Remote Wellness)

Because you were able to close them on a lump sum to the tune of $1000-$3000 for the defined end program, they are unlikely to blink at the offer to move to a subscription plan priced at $300-$400/month. 

That works and is appealing because $400 is 86% (eighty six percent) less than $3000 (thanks chatGPT). The beauty of Remote Wellness is that they will be receiving MORE value for LESS money than they were while they were seeing you in person.  In addition, they are getting substantially MORE value for potentially a similar amount of money if you were to bring them in on a nEvEr DiScHaRgE pRoGrAm 🙄

I talk to cash practice owners almost every day, and I’m surprised by the amount that still avoid selling packages. You are only making more headaches for yourself and your patient. Set you and your patients up for success and start with a defined end program.