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I’m Dr. Joe Camoratto,
Founder of Across The Continuum

Graduating from Physical Therapy school in 2016, I knew the career field had some big gaps that would need some filling. It wasn’t until I had made my way through 7 clinics in 6 years that I knew how to fill that gap.

In 2021 Across The Continuum was born with the main mission of teaching musculoskeletal clinicians how to be better strength coaches, in the clinic. 

After putting multiple clinicians through the Clinical Coach Challenge, I saw a new need in the clinical community: back end patient retention in small clinics. 

Since 2021 Across The Continuum has helped not only clinicians learn the foundations of strength coaching, helped implement back end retention plans to small clinics, but gotten numerous patients one step closer to a healthier and longer life

Our Experiences and Accomplishments Help You

Doctors of Physical Therapy

7 Years+ Of Experience

Specialist In Pain and Therapy

Over 200+
Athletes Coached

I’m Dr. CJ DePalma,
Co-founder of Across The Continuum

After graduating with my Doctorate of Physical Therapy in 2016, I made it about 3 weeks in a “regular” outpatient clinic before deciding it just wasn’t the place for me. Those three weeks drove me to open my own cash-based physical therapy clinic inside of a Crossfit gym named The Movement Dr. For the last 7 years, strength training and fitness have been the main interventions for all of my patients.

Due to my background in personal training and strength coaching prior to physical therapy school, strength coaching, mainly remote coaching, has played a large role in where I am today.

Shortly after starting my cash practice, I was hired by a company named WODprep and have worked with them since, currently holding the position of Head Coach and Head Physical Therapist. With the help of their reach, I’ve coached hundreds if not thousands of athletes and even aided a select handful in reaching the pinnacle of strength sport: The CrossFit Games.