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take your cash physical therapy practice remote

Uncover the potential a Remote Wellness Program can have on scaling your PT practice, increasing the lifetime value of each patient, and building time back into your schedule while working from anywhere.

Break through the ceiling your practice is stuck under

You didn’t start your practice to paint yourself into a corner and limit your ability for your practice to grow.
Here’s our guarantee to you:

Scale your practice to heights that 1 on 1 sessions can never reach

Build a complete pipeline for your patients and a business that can substantially scale

Take steps towards building time back into your scheduled

Build a wellness program that exceeds what any traditional wellness program can provide

Give more to patients for longer than you've ever been able to in the past

your encompassing experience

Exclusive Recorded Content

30 continuing education credits

one on one Calls

individual performance coaching

your guide to success

We give you everything you need to scale the back end of your business

Expert shortcuts to avoid roadblocks

Daily hand holding during installation

Immediate feedback on program delivery

Individualized performance coaching

Set yourself apart from other cash physical therapy practices

The way to make your competition not your competition is by scaling your clinic so far past where they are that what they’re doing isn’t a concern anymore.

Experienced Doctors
and Coaches​

We have been living, learning and improving on what we teach for over 15 years.

Dr. Joe Camoratto

Founder of Across The Continuum

Dr. CJ DePalma

Co-Founder of Across The Continuum

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