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Strong PTs Build Strong Patients

Uncover the potential of strength training as a therapeutic tool, as we guide you through a transformative learning experience aimed at enhancing patient resilience, well-being, and overall health.

Strength Online Course for Physical Therapists

The Clinical Coach Challenge - Self Guided

Avoid the 6 years of bad information and dead ends it took to develop this course and learn everything you need to get started in the strength and conditioning world, all on your own time. Don’t forget about the 23 CEUs attached to this course!

The 6 Week Clinical Coach Challenge - Guided

Our cohort style mentorship. An encompassing educational experience all about strength training, as a physical therapist. With weekly live video calls, a performance coaching experience (workouts you perform), and a whole lot of hand holding to guarantee 100% success and understanding.

The remote wellness fast track

Take your time back and make money doing it!

With the Remote Wellness Fast Track, we show you how to install remote coaching into your cash physical therapy practice as time leveraged retention plan so you can deliver more value to your patients, from anywhere in the world. 

The wave of strength forward patients is coming.
Don't get left behind.

There are more gyms and more gym goers every day. Sooner or later, you’re going to get one in your clinic that needs more help than you can currently provide. Here’s our guarantee to you.

Take steps towards being a strength technician

Crush false and inaccurate beliefs you don't know you have

Improve clinical appeal to a new group of patients

Equip yourself with the most potent clinical tool - physical activity

Gain first hand experience from seasoned strength coaches

Extra Features

Exclusive Recorded Content

Peer Reviewed Research Bank

Weekly Live Discussions


Incredible Bonuses!

We are your partners in strength. With these incredible features and bonuses, it gives you everything you need to elevate your patient care.

Access to our
exclusive Facebook group

Free t-shirt/sticker

Access to full
research database

Audio only and transcript
for all lectures

Set yourself apart from other physical therapists

Give your patients the health and wellness outcomes they never thought possible. There is nothing more beneficial you can give your patients than what we are going to teach you

Experienced Doctors
and Coaches​

We have been living, learning and improving on what we teach for over 15 years.

Dr. Joe Camoratto

Founder of Across The Continuum

Dr. CJ DePalma

Co-Founder of Across The Continuum

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