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-Dr. Joe Camoratto, DPT, PT, CF-L1

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At Across The Continuum, we are on a mission to teach the foundations of intelligent programming and the essentials of coaching to physical therapists, and clinicians of all backgrounds. Through our physical therapy ceu courses we give clinicians the tools, knowledge, and confidence to build the most active patient population yet.

What’s The Problem With Physical Therapy As Is?

The rehab world is missing the integration of exercise prescription, fitness coaching, and injury management in the current plans of care.

Patients have been under-dosed in activity for too long.

Strength training should be used as a primary tool for improving patient health and physical confidence. This starts with improving clinician confidence in their fundamental exercise prescription knowledge.

Masters Woman Athlete Speaking To CJ

Many Physical Therapists & Clinicians Are Unsure Of:

  • Where to go with patients that are not ready to return to their prior training level but no longer have pain
  • How to effectively rehabilitate patients who perform above ADLs and need more intense intervention than inactive or sedentary population
  • Where to start learning programming
  • How to modify activity due to fatigue or symptoms/pain
  • How to progress/regress/lateralize training to meet patient goals
  • Linking rehab to performance/training, or sport into rehab
  • Working with and how to intervene on “high-level” patients or athletes

You don’t need to be a “sports clinician” to effectively manage athletes.

If you are tired of giving out the same 3 sets of 10 exercises to each patient, then our courses are right for you. 

Don’t just do mediocre exercise programming to help people get out of pain, provide patients with the absolute most bang for their buck with more specific and intelligently prescribed exercise that will come with secondary benefits and the ability to transfer over into that self management program in the gym and in real life.

Become A Better Physical Therapist With Our Online PT Course

Across The Contiuum

We developed a physical therapy CEU course that teaches the basics of writing intelligent programming, how to manage fitness in a clinical context, and effective communication tactics so that clinicians are confident in managing the entire continuum of fitness; from beginner fitness enthusiasts to competitive or professional athletes.

Course Format:

This is a 6-week long online physical therapy CEU course that has has 38 videos and accompanying notes for self-paced review during each week, with weekly facilitated live discussions via zoom. Peer reviewed resources will be provided, and students will have some assignments, including developing their own program by the end of the cohort. 

Upcoming Cohorts & Course Dates:

We host this course a few times per year. Our next cohort date is:

Coming soon!

Upon Course Completion You'll Be Able To:

  • Describe the role and actions of a coach and how to integrate them into the roles and actions of a clinician
  • Demonstrate implementation and manipulation of basic exercise programming variables including intensity, duration, frequency and volume based on athlete status and response
  • Show competency in evaluating programming needs for athlete based on goals, prior experience, equipment and time availability
  • Describe and contrast pain theories and how they relate to our modern
    understanding of pain
  • Communicate criteria for injury as objectively and subjectively observed in an athlete
  • Demonstrate intelligent modification of athlete programming in the presence of pain and/or injury
  • Show understanding of current Physical Activity Guidelines for Americans
  • Show competency to manipulate and teach loaded and unloaded movement through space

Continuing Education Credits:

Eligible for 30 CEUs through the Arizona Physical Therapy Association and 20 CEUs through the Florida Physical Therapy Association.

This Course Features 6 Modules With Weekly Discussion:

Module 1 - Coaching

  • What is the role of a coach?
  • Where does communication come into play?
  • What is motivational interviewing and how should it be applied?
  • Getting out of your patient’s way

Module 2 - Programming

  • What is periodization?
  • How do humans adapt to stress?
  • What is the structure of a program?
  • What variables are there and how should they be manipulated?

Module 3 - Pain/Injury

  • What is pain?
  • What is an injury?
  • How should programs be adjusted in the presence of pain or injury?
  • Evaluation tactics

Module 4 - Teaching The Lifts

  • What constitutes good and bad movement?
  • Where does efficient movement come into play?
  • Review of main movements, how to perform them, and teach them

Module 5 - Recovery

  • What is fatigue?
  • How does muscle damage and soreness affect our patient interactions?
  • Through what lens should we view rehabilitation?
  • What works?

Module 6 - Lifestyle Modifications

  • The physical activity guidelines for Americans
  • Barriers and motivators
  • Models of behaviour change

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Meet The Course Instructors & Mentors

Dr. Joe Camoratto, PT, CF-L1

Dr. Joe Camoratto, DPT, PT, CF-l1

Joe has been a physical therapist for 5 years and has been involved in strength sports for 10 years ranging all the way from powerlifting to CrossFit as well as collegiate rowing and olympic lifting. He currently works for WODprep as a 1-on-1 coach in a rehab context helping athletes who are experiencing pain or injury work back towards their baseline and beyond. He is also a full-time physical therapist for the United States Air Force.

Dr. CJ DePalma, PT, CF-L1, CSCS

Dr. CJ DePalma, DPT, PT, CF-l1, CSCS

CJ has been a physical therapist for 5 years and owns his own cash practice, The Movement Dr., in Pensacola, Florida. He is the Head Coach for WODprep and writes exercise programs that 600+ athletes follow as well as managing 30+ athletes 1-on-1 with individualized programming. He has also take 10+ masters athletes to the highest level of CrossFit competition, The CrossFit Games.

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